Monday, September 22, 2008

Downtown Calgary

Along with our visitors from the UK, we enjoyed a little mid-Summer jaunt around downtown Calgary.

First up was Calgary Tower. We've featured the tower before... we wont dwell on it now save for to report, for those that have been there before, that they have recently replaced the glass floor panels that allow visitors to contemplate the prospect of a 500 foot fall to the traffic below. There had been nothing to worry about, the note said...Yeah, of those old panels of glass used to creak like crazy when anyone would stand on it! However, the new glass inspires rather more confidence...Indeed, the strength of the glass is amply demonstrated by this shot of Eamonn, Linda, Andrew and Janet. However, we thought it would be pushing our luck to also bring Linda and Janet's handbags onto the glass! ;-)Back on the ground, we made our way over towards Stephen Avenue and along the way, Katie considered but thought better of pursuing her equine interests by climbing aboard this fellow...Stephen Avenue itself was in full bloom......and the locals were as welcoming as ever...We moved on to take a look at the Devonian Gardens, a 2.5 acre enclosed roof garden holding 20,000 plants and a mile of walkways. We gather from the City of Calgary website that the gardens will soon be closing for 18 months while development is undertaken of the building beneath - so it was good to get a visit in now.Finally, we went off in search of good views of downtown and the Stampede grounds...J&E.