Monday, August 16, 2010

Building A New Home - 1. Introduction

We have often thought that covering the house building process from start to finish would be of value to those considering building their own home. So when some of Eamonn's clients (and now good friends) were ready to purchase their first home in Canada it presented us with the perfect opportunity to tackle that task.

So, it is with enormous thanks and appreciation to the Ross family, who are allowing us to follow their lives for the next few months, that we present the new home build process from start to finish, in a series of blog posts over the coming months.

About The Ross Family

Ian made the brave move to Canada from the UK, ahead of his wife Debbie and daughter Ella, in November 2008, to start his new job in Canada. After what felt like a lifetime apart, Debbie and Ella joined Ian in February 2009 and finally they were a family again. They settled into a rental property in Okotoks and Debbie secured employment and Ella started school at the local elementary.

Here’s Ian & Debbie in front of their chosen lot.  In future posts we will cover how they chose this lot and much, much more about the the process of building a home in Okotoks, Calgary and the surrounding area.