Saturday, November 3, 2007

Preparing for the new house

These past few days, we've been on a controlled (well fairly) spending session, trying to get ourselves geared up for the new house (just 11 days to go now until we take possession). Among the things we've bought so far are:
LG 60" Plasma Screen TV and stand for our bonus room (well, we had to didn't we!)
Panasonic Surround Sound System to go with the above
LG 32" LCD Screen for the Living Room
Sofa (3 seater, 2 seater, chair and ottomoan)...bad picture of which is attached...for the bonus room
LG Washing Machine and LG Dryer - photos attached
King bed for the 2nd bedroom
Twin beds for the 3rd bedroom
Broom for outside sweeping up (because you can sweep the powdery snow with it)
Mop for inside.
Recycling bins
Christmas lights
Shaw Cable/Broadband/Telephone service
Epcor Electricity Service
Direct Energy Gas Service
etc, etc

Honestly, it's not green.

We will still need further sofas for the living room, some study furniture and no doubt a myriad of smaller bits and pieces, but we'll judge all that when we move in as there's no real hurry to get it right.