Friday, November 9, 2007

Weather Update

So we've been here 4 weeks and 1 day now and here's the summary weather report!

In one word..."varied!"

Rain - none at all.
Snow - 3 falls so far...each between 2 and 4 inches ("flurries" or "dustings" they call them!) - each has melted away over the next couple of days.
Sun - immense amount is an exceptionally sunny place...apparently, it runs Arizona close for sunshine hours each year.
Cloud - generally little or none, then occasional days where there is a reasonable sprinkling of cloud and only 2 days so far that have been pretty overcast.
Wind - from calm to what feel (or rather sound) like pretty severe night-time gales whistling around the barn, but then we are in a pretty exposed location here.
Temperatures - Highs in the low 80's F when we first got here, more recent highs have been in the mid to high 50's (so fairly nice with just a t-shirt and tracksuit top on, or similar). Lowest so far is 22F (about -5C) but that was late evening/overnight, so it didn't impact us too much.

Undoubtedly there is much worse to come but we've been surprised how well the weather has held up so far. Well, that's tomorrow's weather done for then!!