Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The overhaul has begun...

Having completed our mini project to raise the level of light in the house by changing out all the lightbulbs, it became apparent just how dreadful some of the paint colours were! So, in the period before Christmas, we have got to work on eliminating the worst of them by re-decorating the 3rd bedroom, the family bathroom and the main floor loo!
The 3rd bedroom was the worst. Before our predecessors moved in 2 years ago, this house was a show-home and unfortunately, the designer that Sterling Homes (the builder) had got in had thought it a good idea to half cover the walls with a dark chocolate brown colour, beneath two other fairly ghastly coloured stripes. This in a room that does not get a tremendous amount of natural light. As the Canadian's would say, "go figure"!
So off we went to Home Depot (the nearest equivalent in the UK being B&Q) to get some stain blocking primer to cover up the dark colours and a top-coat of an off-white (Linen) colour. We have left all the woodwork as is for now and we will tackle that as a job throughout the house at a later stage but we're pleased with the outcome.
Neither the family bathroom or the downstairs washroom have any windows and so the use of fairly dark shades of green paint was inexplicable.
We have changed these out too for the same Linen colour and again, the impact has been fairly striking.

The problem, of course, is that the rest of the rooms and open areas now look that much more dreary...oh no, what have we started!