Monday, December 10, 2007

So that's what minus 27°C feels like!

How typical of our luck. The weather folk have been going on about how this will be the coldest Canadian winter in years and to underline this "fact", we have been going through an extremely cold spell this past couple of weeks. Until a couple of days ago, we'd had numerous continuous days of "overcast" (it's sort of different here...the sky goes very white) weather with daytime temperatures of -24°C (with a wind-chill factor making it feel like -27°C).

We decided that we weren't going to hide from it and even though we weren't brave enough to venture out for walks, we did make sure we went about our business in terms of going to the shops and so on. You know that brain-freeze feeling you get when you eat too much ice cream at once...well it sort of feels like that, all over your head and body! So, it was out with the hats and thermal gloves and numerous layers of clothing, which all helped to make it manageable.

It's been nice to see the sun again this past couple of days although we had a fairly large dump of snow last night. Quite bizarrely though, we looked out the front door just before lunchtime today and someone (we have absolutely no idea who) has cleared our drive of all the snow. What a saint! It left us completely dumbfounded...we'll let you know if we find out who the Good Samaritan was and why they felt compelled to be so kind!