Wednesday, October 24, 2007

24th October...11pm...and the snow is falling!

After the most glorious day Jan said below, 84 degrees, bright sunshine and a warming wind, the snow is coming down this evening...the first fall of the Albertan winter.

We went for a meal this evening and the restaurant (one of our faves, The Keg), was really busy...we were joking that everyone was filling up on food before hunkering down for the winter.
When we got back to the barn after the meal, you could see this great mass of white cloud where the mountains should be and we thought "here it comes"...and sure enough, here it is...will it settle? how deep will it be? will another warming Chinook wind tomorrow melt it away?...we'll let you know. Scary and exciting, all rolled into one. Here's a first pic of the deck outside our's only been snowing 40 minutes!