Wednesday, October 17, 2007

From Lakeview Inn to High Cactus Ranch

We've moved from the Lakeview Inn and Suites to the High Cactus Ranch, south of Calgary but north of Okotoks, in a little hamlet called De Winton. Here's a pic...

We're in the appartment in the top half of the green barn in the foreground of the pic. It is enormous...4 bedrooms, full kitchen, living area, bathroom. As we sit here typing this, we are looking out through the window to an entire Calgary cityscape of lights...we're perched up pretty high here. Indeed, when the sun comes up in the morning, we look out another window to fantastic mountain views. The co-owner, Violet, took us on a mini tour of her 6000 square feet home this evening. That's not a typo...that's 6000 square feet, or 6 times the size of the house we just sold in St Albans! Violet's dining area adjacent to her kitchen has dual aspect ceiling to floor windows that allow you to simultaneously see all of Calgary and the mountain ranges...incredible place. The house also has 6 garages attached...enough space for 24 cars apparently as each one is enormous! The place used to be a horse ranch. We're here til 15th post will tell you why.