Monday, October 15, 2007

Our journey to Calgary & the hotel...

Hello to you all. Check back frequently as we'll update our news here.
The flight to Calgary
We got off to an irritating start at Gatwick. The airport was manically busy. At check-in, we asked if the flight was full, and the check in lady said it wasn’t. We explained that we were emigrating so we might be slightly over our luggage allowance. We were 10kg over and she still charged us for excess baggage even though the flight was half empty! We were really annoyed because if she had have said she was going to charge us anyway, we could have taken some things out, like coats etc and taken them on board – we just packed them so we didn’t have to carry them. Also, there were 23 empty seats in premium economy and she still sat someone next to us. When we were on board we moved seats and the flight staff were really friendly and nice. So things started to improve.
On arrival in Calgary
When we arrived in Calgary we were welcomed by a very friendly passport control officer. We were off the plane, collected our luggage and out of the airport within about 25 mins - like that would happen at Gatwick! When we got to the hotel, we were welcomed by a very friendly hotel receptionist. (Four days on, we have been welcomed to Calgary by different people about 10 times!) The hotel is good. We have a suite with a fully equipped kitchen which has a full size cooker, fridge and dishwasher. They also have a great big gas bbq outside which we are allowed to use. The hotel will also do your grocery shopping for you if you give them a list! Some hotel shots are external shot and then of the living room, kitchen and bedroom areas of the suite.