Thursday, October 25, 2007

First Snow - The Aftermath

So, the first snow has fallen!

On the deck this morning, there was a good 3 inches. The car had 4 to 6 inches atop it as it was more exposed. The roads were clear by early morning though, which made it all less scary. Our hands were pretty cold after clearing the snow from the car (with a had been sitting in the boot of the car and we had been wondering what it was for...then we twigged this morning!) and it was nice to then jump into the car to warm our hands before setting off to tick off one of our main jobs of the day, to register for Alberta Health (sort of like the UK's NHS...but for $88/£44 per month between us). Anyways, here's a few pics of how it looked this morning...

The surrounds of the barn...

Downtown Calgary in the distance with snow covered fields in the foreground...
Towards the mountains with green fields now white. As ever, photos of the Rockies don't do them justice...they looked absolutely fabulous this morning.

And finally, just a general shot where you also get a little bit of the red morning skies we have been seeing these past few days.
As of 9.45pm this (Thursday) evening, we have not had further snow but the mountains had again disappeared behind a bank of cloud earlier, so it could well be on the way. It was pretty cold out there as we came in at about 7.45pm.