Monday, October 15, 2007

Supermarket shopping with a difference...

We went to Sobey's today, a food supermarket which operates across Canada. It's very nice (although we might struggle to buy much by way of organic food there - we're still exploring our options on that score). Everthing is very nicely presented. All the shelves are well stocked (which was always a problem with our Sainsburys in St Albans). The prices seemed reasonable. When you get to checkout, you sort of become redundant. No surly staff with attitude. Lots of smiles and the person scanning the foods, passes them to a colleague, who packs them. She, in turn, passes the packed goods to a colleague who loads them onto a trolley and once you've paid, you stroll out to your car with the trolley man following...who then loads your car! We could get used to this. Unfortunately, he doesn't climb into the car to unload things for you when you get home!