Sunday, October 21, 2007

Janet's Night Out

Last night, I was invited on a girls night out. I thought there was going to be around 10 or 12 of us but 16 turned up!!

We were going to go to a pub called the George, but they were showing a boxing match which meant it would have been standing room only. So, we started in a place called the Grand Central Grill in Okotoks.

We then went on to a place called In Cahoots which is a local night club. It was quite sweet really as it is so like going back 20 years. It is really difficult to explain, you really have to see it!!

I probably met around half of the group as it was just too many people to get around in one night. Most of them will be our neighbors when we move so that will be nice. I also picked up a lot of useful snippets from people who have been here a while.

I also met a very nice lady who is selling her house as she has been having one built for her. It turned out that we viewed her house twice when we were over in the summer. That felt a bit weird.

I also met a Canadian lady who has given me line dancing details, so I will be sure to pick that up at some stage.

I think there is talk of a boys night out, so Eamonn will have his turn in the not too distant future.